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Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Blizzards Bring May . . . ?

April Snow

When I woke up this morning, my husband said to put on my knee boots before going outside. Huh? This is April. We never get more than a dusting of snow this time of year. But I looked out the window and could barely see the cache.  Now it's about 3:00 PM, and so far today we have had 18". I know that "April showers bring May flowers", but blizzards ! ? ! Where's global warming when you need it?

In mid-March I stopped keeping track of our snowfall. At the time, we'd hit a record-breaking LOW snowfall for the year of 13ft. 3in. I know that sounds like a bunch of snow, but for us, it's skimpy. By the time it all packed, we ended up with only about 5' - 6' on the ground, which was barely enough to cover the alders and get around good on the snow machine to haul firewood. If this snowstorm keeps up for the next couple of days like it's supposed to, we might hit our average of about 16 ft. after all. Ug! I'm ready for spring! Real spring, with rain and flowers. But, in about a week or so we'll be snowshoeing through the woods tapping birch trees. Mmmmmm. I can just taste that sweet sap now.


  1. Wow, we had lots of wind and flurries but thankfully no accumulation. I am ready for more sunshine instead of gray skies!

  2. Same here. Only it's rain. And we had no shortfall during the beginning of the year. It's a cold, wet year. Some warm, sunny days would be nice.

  3. Maybe this is climate change. Look what has been happening the world over. Queensland has been flooded again, another earthquake struck Japan in the same area. NZ had an earthquake. Could be an interesting winter here down under this year!
    Take care.
    Regards, Keith.

  4. We had about an inch on the ground this morning, but it is all gone now and the other snow is melting off too. It is mud and water everywhere... Sorry about your snow...

  5. Certainly strange things going on all around the world.

    The snow has almost stopped (I hope). We ended up with just over 18".

  6. I pretty much said the same thing today! Hard to get motivated on a day like that. Enjoyed my coffee and then a fire this evening and let the kids roast marshmallows since we (hopefully) will have warmer weather now!

    Good snow-man snow, also good for snow icecream. Your boys would love it. We use soy milk, sugar and vanilla for ours...syrup would be great.


  7. Yeap, snow here too 6" (mid Nevada)! Where was the snow in January when the sleds were ready to go...and now it's to warm to sled?! At least it's not rain, yet still probably radioactive!

  8. It seems to be happening everywhere. It has been snowing here all night and still is as I write. I got about 4" this morning.

  9. Hi John. We're in a really high snow area. We ended up with 26" of snow this time. Today was beautiful, but another snowstorm is moving our way and supposed to be here Monday. Really strange April weather.

  10. The weather has been strange the world over,In april here in the UK we get lots of rain but its been like summer here.


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