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Wild Plants

On this page I will add links to my articles on the uses of wild plants. My articles are not scientific. I use many wild plants as food, and make herbal tinctures, salves, oils, tea, syrup, soaps and other products. I've been using wild plants, as well as garden herbs for about 16 years, and in my articles I discuss how I use them. Some articles are simply recipes. In others, I share how I've used plants medicinally. This does not mean that you should do the same. I encourage you to do your own research and decide if you want to use these plants, and how. Click on the pictures to read the articles. I update this page often.

Alaska Ginseng, also known as Devil's Club
Alaska Ginseng (Devil's Club)


Balsam Poplar for Making Balm of Gilead
How to Make and Use
Balm of Gilead


  1. Hi. Hope things are well with you and your son. I was very saddened to read about the loss of your husband. My brother and I have often tossed it around about possibly coming to the last frontier. However, he's 52 and I'm 62 and have medical issues that doesn't make that possible.
    Anyway, I have always had a sort of kinship with plants and their medicinal properties. And in the past year, I am more keen than ever because I have taken prepping for any possible disaster to heart on a serious level. I live alone in a small town some distance away from my main family group. My daughter is about 30 minutes away. Since she nor I have a great deal of income {she has 2 young daughters to care for} and I live on less than 9,000dollars's a year the prepping is slow and all on me. However, I WILL do my utmost to make it so my family can survive whatever comes our way. Medicinal healing is one way, canning and other preservation methods another, emergency surgery and dental another, and so much more is all in the works. I glean everything I can get my hands on. Now, your blog is one of them simply because of where you live and what you must do to survive. My brother, who is 4 hours away and his son are jumping on the band wagon too.Hopefully, we can draw more family members in as well as our dear friends and their families. I love wild leaks and fiddleheads. I don't know if it is do-able where you live but growing mushrooms will also be one of my things; especially the medically proven types and one that is called lions mane and, when sauteed in some butter and a bit of garlic is remenicent of lobster. I have also been following a fellow in England called PondGuru on Youtube. He has excellent ideas on survival skills such as making fish traps and searching for fire starting materials I hadn't even thought of just to name a couple. There is a superb fire starter called Lightening Strike, it's expensive but directs all the spark in one direction instead of having it all fly willy nilly. Also have you ever heard of the Rocket Fuel Heater? It can heat an entire home in the North using sticks and less than a half cord of wood per winter {yours may take more}what a back and time saver that is. It can be built in a weekend.
    Anyway, if I get a few extra bucks to spare I will send it your way to use as you see fit.
    I wish for you and your son the best of health and happiness.
    Kind Regards,
    Delicia Ambrosino

  2. PS Write a book. It may make you some decent cash to help you out.


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