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Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Earthquake, Radiation and Iodine

Praying for the people of Japan. What a horrible thing, especially with the nuclear disasters. Seems like the country is almost in meltdown itself. I’ve read that the winds are pushing radioactive fallout to the Pacific North West and could hit the area, including Alaska within six to ten days of the first explosion. Other reports say there's nothing to worry about. Either way, good to have iodine/iodide on hand. If you are interested (and I think everyone should be), do a search for something like “iodine for radiation” and you’ll come up with plenty of good information explaining why iodine and iodide (both forms) are necessary to take daily just prior to and during exposure to high levels of radiation, as well as how to take it. Here's a good article on How to Prepare for Radiation Emergencies from

Because of our very limited gas supply and electricity, we have not been online enough to know the latest on what’s going on in Japan, and have had a hard time finding accurate fallout information. For several years I’ve been taking a few drops daily of Lugol’s solution mixed in water for hypothyroidism, but will keep a watch on things to see if more is needed, and if my family should begin taking it. I suspect we will. I hope that the news will report the danger in time for people to obtain the necessary iodine/iodide pills or solution, but I don’t have much faith that they will report anything until it’s too late and the radiation is upon us. Thankfully, there are other reliable sources for information. Even in Japan, we saw news reports that tried to convince people there was no danger of nuclear leaks. Hours later there was an explosion at a nuclear plant, making it impossible to gloss over any longer. (see the image link in my sidebar) has some good links. Some of the other sites such as The American Preppers Network have good information as well.


  1. I knew when I first heard that there was no danger from the nuclear plants that they were being glossed over. It's such a tragic situation.

  2. I used to eat some kelp or other sea vegetables prior to and after a mammogram or dental appt (when I had x-rays done). Thanks for your post!

  3. Such a tragic event going on in Japan. Our prayers are with the people. Every report is worse. I pray that you all living on the west coast will be safe too. Thanks for hosting Flat Stanley. I hope you are able to mail him back with someone. I know that life is so crazy and getting crazier all the time. The world events make everything else pale in comparison.

  4. Jim Rawles is probably a good resource in this area:I just read that you may take some Potassium Iodate before you are exposed. My limited understanding is that this would be quite harmful, and that taking an Iodine dosage should only be done in the most dire situation...i.e. confirmed radioactive exposure. Also, there are pediatric dosages that are different from adult.
    Good luck.

  5. Thanks for your comment. I've read that once the radioactive fallout is in your system, it's there and can't be reversed. But I've read enough about high doses of the iodine/iodide to know not to take it unless it has been confirmed that danger of fallout is imminent. I wouldn't want to wait until after known exposure, but I wouldn't want to take it on a possible maybe, either. Everything has its risks. I believe the pediatric dose is half an adult dose; less for babies and toddlers. I'm trying to keep an eye on where the winds are taking the fallout, and hoping the information is reliable.

  6. Yes, this situation seems beyond our control. I'm also a homesteading parent in NE Wash. We were already farely prepared with being good about eating seaweed regularly but have increased our miso and recommend kombu, nori and others to give our bodies much nurishment and strength. There is news that radiation has increased in France -- so by now -- it's definately a global crisis. The governor of Vermont was almost able to deny a permit renewal at one of their nuc. plants recently -- not quite though -- and we just heard Germany is shutting down all of theirs... Peace

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment. Things are certainly getting much worse. Sounds like most of the radiation headed a bit south of most of Alaska, but we are not out of the woods yet. The waters around Japan have been found to be contaminated. I'm not sure where the salmon "hang out", so to speak, during the winter, but as the ocean currents go, it seems that this could totally crash the Pacific salmon and other fish. That is a huge part of our diet. As you said, now radiation levels are higher all around the world. We have friends in Pennsylvania, and have read that "higher than normal" levels of radiation have been detected in their rain water. The news is sounding worse everyday.

  8. Global crisis aside -- do you have any tips for walking the "parental fire"? I have one theory: we must experience as many "breakdowns" in the presence of our young ones as we once had as young ones ourselves before we can proceed with grace as strong wise adults :). I know that sometimes the idea of being a graceful parent seems so hard to grasp -- anyway, do you happen to have any tips on homeschooling in the bush or parenting in general? I have 2 young boys - 4.5 yrs. and 1.7 yrs. and am committed to the farm and homesteading life as the best remedy for us all... Thanks for the Balm of Gilead recipe -- it works great! I am the same as the above comment from NE Washington and I grew up in Gustavus/Glacier Bay, AK so I do relate to where ya'll are comin from... Blessings


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