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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Birch Sap Wine

Birch Sap Wine

I had just been thinking about springtime and looking forward to tapping birch trees again when someone commented on my post here about Tapping Birch Trees. John lives in the UK and makes birch sap wine. Here is the link to his recipe. I am definitely going to give this a try in a couple of months, and will let you know how it goes. Thank you, John!

While you're over at Sticks' blog checking out his birch sap wine recipe, spend a little time. He has some great posts on bushcrafting, camping and the great outdoors!

The caption on the picture goes to the wine recipe on John's site, but for some reason, the pictures itself won't link properly. Sorry about that.

I'll post again when my boys and I get back from town. I've been putting off this trip for months, but now we're all kind of looking forward to it. We'll get to visit with several friends, so it should be fun.


  1. Your very welcome Jenny and I hope you enjoy the wine as much as I did.

  2. Tim made some wine, small beer and root beer and kvass in our laundry room back in Colorado. It was pretty disgusting for the most part. The root beer tasted like poop smells... I can't remember how the wine tasted. It was probably okay.

  3. I've made a bit of grape wine in my time, but birch sap is new to me.

  4. Hi, Jenny,

    Nothing about wine but I wanted to stop by and say hi! Have missed your posts and assume you're busy. Seems to be that kind of season for a lot of us.

    Blessings on your day!


  5. Thank you, Wendy for letting me know. Our inverter died awhile back and it will be a few more weeks before we get another. Without the inverter, it's much more expensive to run the internet modem since we have to fun the generator to be online. Flying gas out here is too expensive for that very much. The boys and I just got back from our semi-annual trip to town, so I will post about that this evening or tomorrow.
    Best wishes!

  6. Glad you found my blog. I'll get back to posting regularly "one of these days".
    This was my first time making wine, and it turned out great. I made a few more batches over the summer and fall. So far, blueberry wine is my favorite.


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