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Thursday, December 23, 2010

An Informative Blog

Quite some time back I ran across a wonderfully informative blog, Walking With The Wise. Every time I visit, I learn something new. Alice's views are far from mainstream, which is why I enjoy it. She expresses her opinions very well on many issues that are so important to me. I hope you'll take a look at her current post, "Jew Teaches Christians About Jesus", as well as her archived posts.


  1. Hi Jenny, I visited and read this and found it interesting, but I have great concerns about it as, at the very end, she reveals that this man does NOT believe in Yeshua...he is still waiting for the Messiah. Remember always, the Scriptures are spiritual writings, spiritually discerned. Like most of the "Torah-keeper" movement that I've met (and I know MANY), they have learned so much about TOT, but they fail to dig deeply into TNT with that OT knowledge and connect the two books together...for they are intimately and intensely connected and intertwined. Not many today do this, and it's too bad...Christians are missing out on some of the biggest and most wonderful blessings of our faith as a result.

    Anyway, just my careful with this stuff.


  2. Hi Lori,
    I posted the link to Alice's blog for the excellent information she provides on many topics, especially food, vaccines and health. I am very familiar with and like the work of Nehemia Gordon. His writings, long before I was familiar with any of his books, have played a fairly large part in my current beliefs, although the Torah, and indeed the entire Tanakh has been the greatest influence on my life. I had been meaning to post a link to Alice's blog ever since I found it, but this recent post was the nudge I needed.
    Yes, Lori, what you said about Nehemia Gordon is exactly right. He is a Karaite Jew. Karaites are not at all "mainstream Jews", primarily in that they are not rabbinic Jews. Karaites believe that the awaited Messiah is yet to come.
    Karaites are Torah observant, and believe in the plain meaning of the Torah, and the full Tanakh (what Christians call the Old Testament). Calling it the Old Testament implies that it is no longer valid or relevant because there is now a NEW Covenant to replace the old. I do not believe Yeshua would have intended for that to happen. Yeshua was a Jew, and he followed the Torah.
    I agree that the Scriptures are spiritual writings. It is important to understand that the Scriptures tell us that we are not to add to any of the Scriptures. And, I believe that the Scriptures are the same writings Yeshua followed -- the Tanakh.
    Throughout my life, I have found that most observant Jews know much more about the New Testament, its history and how it came about than most church-going Christians. Perhaps the "Torah-Keepers" that you know do not dig very deeply into the NT and seriously look for the connections that the Christian Church says are there. But, the ones I know are quite serious about their studies. They dig and dig and dig into not only the Tanakh, but also into the NT. They pray, compare the two, study, pray and compare more. Many, including myself, try to learn Hebrew as much as possible and try to find out for themselves what the original Scriptures really say, rather than rely on translations of individuals who have their own belief system to convey. They don't just follow the crowd or take the easy route. However, learning Biblical Hebrew has been a much greater challenge for me than I expected.
    Thank you for taking the time to write, and for the reminder to be careful (although I think you meant it more as a "warning"). Following the Torah is something we should all be very careful about, and I believe we should do it with our hearts and minds totally in it, always seeking YHWH and His Truth.


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